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Key Players

Katie Carone

Katie Carone, Founder & Executive Director
Katie has worked in the online and distance education field since 1998 in a variety of capacities, including online instructor, course developer, and school administrator. She founded cFitness Academy in 2006. Katie has a strong background in health and fitness education.  She has a BS in health education from Utah State University.  She holds a teaching license in three states with certifications in health, PE, and history, as well as a group fitness certification from the American Council on Exercise.  She has taught and developed face-to-face and online middle school and high school courses, as well as a variety of community-based health and fitness classes.  Currently Katie oversees the administration of the cFitness Academy organization, including public relations, account management, and course development. On the side, Katie works as a fitness instructor to teach community boot camp and fitness classes. Contact Katie

Kelly Carone

Kelly Carone, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President
Kelly has a decade of experience in online and distance education. He has a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology from Utah State University, and has worked as an instructional designer as a part of the education team for a number of large corporations.  With his instructional design and technology background, Kelly provides guidance on course development and online learning pedagogy.  As co-founder of cFitness Academy, Kelly also plays a key role in management and administrative duties. Aside from his duties with cFitness Academy, Kelly is an avid runner. While he participates in several half and full marathons, his favorite events are long-distance relays. Contact Kelly

Roger Young
Roger Young, VP of Partnerships & Operations
Roger is responsible for initiating, coordinating, and managing relationships between cFitness Academy and other schools, organizations, and vendors. He oversees the cFitness Academy team in creating and sustaining the sales and course adoption process, as well as plans and implements business development strategies for cFitness Academy. Roger has previously worked in the computer hardware and software industries and has over 25 years of experience in business development and partnerships. Roger enjoys outdoor pursuits such as fishing and golf. Contact Roger

Maryon Wallentine

Maryon Wallentine, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
As director of curriculum and instruction, Maryon oversees teachers, teacher training, and best practices for instruction. In addition, Maryon manages curriculum development projects, including overseeing standards alignments, content production, and quality assurance. Maryon played fast pitch softball at Ricks College and Brigham Young University. She graduated from BYU with a degree in school health and physical education. She taught PE in Arizona public schools for three years, and now enjoys working with schools and students online. In addition to her role with cFitness Academy, Maryon has coached basketball, volleyball, and softball, and currently teaches private softball pitching lessons.

Lori VanWagoner

Lori Van Wagoner, Course Manager & Student Services Director
Lori wears many hats for cFitness Academy, including registrar, course manager, and director of student services.  Lori oversees registrations, student records, and transcripts as well and manages student/parent/school relations. She also acts as course manager. Lori updates and maintains courses to keep them error free, as well as facilitates course migrations to various learning management systems. Lori has a BS in public relations from the University of Utah. Lori's fitness favorites include spinning and lifting classes at the gym. Contact Lori


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